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Rainwater Fiberglass Tank

Xerxes water tanks have become a superior option for underground storage or processing of liquids in a wide range of applications, including green building or water conservation.

Green projects that incorporate Xerxes fiberglass water tanks may qualify for points under the U.S. Green Building Council's Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency categories of its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.



  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Chiller unit condensation collection
  • Greywater recycling systems
  • Stormwater retention
  • Manufacturer

    Xerxes Corporation


    4ft 600 gallon
    (PDF, 51KB)

    4ft 1000 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    4ft 1500 gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    6ft 1500 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    6ft 2000 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    6ft 3000 gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    6ft 4000 gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    6ft 5000 gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    6ft 6000 gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    6ft 8000 gallon
    (PDF, 365KB)

    8ft 2k gallon
    (PDF, 51KB)

    8ft 3k gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    8ft 7k gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    8ft 9k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    8ft 11k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    8ft 13k gallon
    (PDF, 58KB)

    8ft 14k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 11k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 13k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 14k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    10ft 22k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    12ft 20k gallon
    (PDF, 497KB)

    12ft 25k gallon
    (PDF, 509KB)

    12ft 30k gallon
    (PDF, 368KB)

    12ft 35k gallon
    (PDF, 383KB)

    12ft 40k gallon
    (PDF, 388KB)

    12ft 48k gallon
    (PDF, 386KB)

    12ft 50k gallon
    (PDF, 386KB)

    US Green Brochure
    (PDF, 1644KB)

    Backfill Guidelines
    (PDF, 133KB)

    Installation and Operating Guidelines
    (PDF, 1063KB)

    Large Bottom Sump Installation for Storage Tanks
    (PDF, 1436KB)

    MOH Straps Instructions
    (PDF, 766KB)

    Prefab Deadmen Brochure
    (PDF, 197KB)

    Prefabricated Deadmen
    (PDF, 84KB)

    Split Backfill Instructions for Storage Tanks
    (PDF, 242KB)

    8ft 4k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 5k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 6k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 8k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    8ft 10k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    8ft 12k gallon
    (PDF, 57KB)

    8ft 15k gallon
    (PDF, 59KB)

    10ft 10k gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    10ft 12k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    10ft 15k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 20k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 25k gallon Tank
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 30k gallon
    (PDF, 64KB)

    10ft 35k gallon
    (PDF, 65KB)

    10ft 40k gallon
    (PDF, 68KB)

    Water and Potable Tank Warranty
    (PDF, 1289KB)

    Instructions for Containment Sumps
    (PDF, 500KB)

    2 Part Sealant for Storage Tanks
    (PDF, 156KB)

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