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Potable Water Fiberglass Tank

Potable water, commonly referred to as drinking water, can safely be stored underground utilizing a Xerxes potable water tank. Xerxes potable water tanks are designed and manufactured to NSF Standard 61. They are available as NSF-listed and labeled tanks, unlike many competitive products. Xerxes tanks are commonly found in national forest facilities, state parks, campgrounds or wherever the supply of safe drinking water is limited or not available.


Features of The WASTESAVER

  • NSF-listed - available with an NSF label in the tank which is well beyond what most water tanks offer.
  • Dual-use capability - can be used primarily as potable water storage while also as a standby supply for fire protection.
  • Easy to install - which is very important in the many remote or difficult to access sites in which these tanks are needed.
  • Manufacturer

    Xerxes Corporation


    Water Potable Brochure
    (PDF, 1742KB)

    4ft 600 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    4ft 1000 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    4ft 1500 gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    6ft 1500 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    6ft 2000 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    6ft 3000 gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    6ft 4000 gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    6ft 5000 gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    6ft 6000 gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    8ft 2k gallon
    (PDF, 51KB)

    8ft 3k gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    8ft 4k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 5k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 6k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 7k gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    8ft 8k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    8ft 9k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    8ft 10k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    8ft 11k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    8ft 12k gallon
    (PDF, 57KB)

    8ft 13k gallon
    (PDF, 58KB)

    8ft 14k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    8ft 14k gallon
    (PDF, 59KB)

    10ft 10k gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    10ft 11k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 12k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    10ft 13k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 14k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    10ft 15k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 20k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 22k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 25k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 30k gallon
    (PDF, 64KB)

    10ft 35k gallon
    (PDF, 65KB)

    10ft 40k gallon
    (PDF, 68KB)

    12ft 20k gallon
    (PDF, 497KB)

    12ft 25k gallon
    (PDF, 509KB)

    12ft 30k gallon
    (PDF, 368KB)

    12ft 35k gallon
    (PDF, 383KB)

    12ft 40k gallon
    (PDF, 388KB)

    12ft 48k gallon
    (PDF, 386KB)

    12ft 50k gallon
    (PDF, 386KB)

    (PDF, 74KB)

    (PDF, 519KB)

    (PDF, 311KB)

    (PDF, 197KB)

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