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Firewater Fiberglass Tank

Fiberglass underground tanks for fire-protection water are in high demand as a result of increased regulations and insurance industry requirements. Whether it is a sole source of water in rural areas or as a standby water reservoir to supplement a pressurized municipal water system, a Xerxes tank provides maintenance-free, corrosion resistant underground water storage.

Fiberglass underground tanks are recognized in NFPA 22 standard, Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection Systems, as well as NFPA 1142 standard, Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting.


Features of The WASTESAVER

  • Corrosion-resistance - long-term storage of water requires a tank material like fiberglass which is immune to rust.
  • Buried design - eliminates the need to add expensive protection measures to prevent freezing, while removing the aesthetic problems of an aboveground tank.
  • Strong H20 structural design - necessary for locations where vehicle traffic is a factor, such as parking lots.
  • Manufacturer

    Xerxes Corporation


    4ft 600 gallon
    (PDF, 51KB)

    4ft 1000 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    4ft 1500 gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    6ft 2k gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    6ft 8k gallon
    (PDF, 365KB)

    6ft 1500 gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    8ft 2k gallon
    (PDF, 51KB)

    8ft 3k gallon
    (PDF, 52KB)

    8ft 7k gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    8ft 9k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    8ft 10k gallon
    (PDF, 76KB)

    8ft 11k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    8ft 13k gallon
    (PDF, 58KB)

    8ft 14k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 11k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 13k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 14k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    10ft 22k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    12ft 20k gallon
    (PDF, 497KB)

    12ft 25k gallon
    (PDF, 509KB)

    12ft 30k gallon
    (PDF, 368KB)

    12ft 35k gallon
    (PDF, 383KB)

    12ft 40k gallon
    (PDF, 388KB)

    12ft 48k gallon
    (PDF, 386KB)

    12ft 50k gallon
    (PDF, 386KB)

    Fire Protection RI
    (PDF, 449KB)

    Fire Protection Rocky Mountain
    (PDF, 311KB)

    Fire Water Storage Vertical Pump Bottom Sump
    (PDF, 101KB)

    Fire Water Storage Full Bottom Drain Tangential Nozzle
    (PDF, 97KB)

    Prefab Deadmen Brochure
    (PDF, 197KB)

    (PDF, 68KB)

    (PDF, 119KB)

    6ft 3k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    6ft 5k gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    8ft 4k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 5k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 6k gallon
    (PDF, 53KB)

    8ft 8k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    8ft 12k gallon
    (PDF, 57KB)

    8ft 15k gallon
    (PDF, 59KB)

    10ft 10k gallon
    (PDF, 54KB)

    10ft 12k gallon
    (PDF, 55KB)

    10ft 15k gallon
    (PDF, 56KB)

    10ft 20k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 25k gallon
    (PDF, 60KB)

    10ft 30k gallon
    (PDF, 64KB)

    10ft 35k gallon
    (PDF, 65KB)

    10ft 40k gallon
    (PDF, 68KB)

    Water Brochure
    (PDF, 1742KB)

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