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Evoqua J-Press Automated High Performance Overhead Filter Press

The J-Press® automated filter press is the high-performance solution for producing high solids filter cake with extremely high clarity in the liquid effluent. Considered by industry professionals as the premier filter press, the J-Press® filter press combines rugged construction, precision engineering, ease of operation and a wide range of features and options to tackle the most difficult dewatering problems. These automated J-Press® filter presses are key systems in municipal and industrial facilities around the world.

In 1978, JWI revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the J-Press® filter press. The J-Press® filter press was the first to feature, in a single design, a self-compensating air/hydraulic closure system for ease of maintenance, gasketed filter plates for virtually leak free dewatering, semi-automatic plate shifting for labor savings and safety, automatic pump controls and a superior paint system that provided the highest level of protection from corrosion. The J-Press® filter press quickly set the benchmark for filter press performance.

Today, the J-Press® filter press offers the most advanced automation available, from fully automatic plate shifting and cloth washing to PLC controls and a full complement of ancillary slurry processing and cake handling systems. The J-Press® line of filter presses continues to set the benchmark for system efficiency, with versatile, high performance solutions.
Designed for maximum performance with minimal operator oversight.


Features of The WASTESAVER

J-Press® automated filter presses are built with robust features:
  • 100 psi/7 bar or 225 psi/16 bar designs
  • Electric hydraulic closure
  • Recessed or membrane squeeze style filter plates
  • Feed and discharge manifolds with automatic valves in materials to suit your application
  • Fully automatic plate shifting systems
  • Siemens and Allen-Bradley® PLC control systems are standard
  • High pressure automatic cloth wash systems
  • Custom coating systems available
  • Safety light curtains/trip wires
  • Automatic drip trays
  • Advantages of Compression Close Sidebar Filter Presses

  • Available in a wider range of sizes, from 470 mm to 2.4 m x 2.4 m designs, with working pressure ratings of 100 psi (7 bar) and 225 psi (16 bar)
  • Lighter weight than overhead designs
  • Plates are easily accessible and removable from top
  • Full range of automation options
  • Available with air hydraulic systems in smaller sizes
  • Less expensive than overhead designs
  • Advantages of Compression Close Overhead Filter Presses

  • Slightly smaller footprint than tension close
  • More robust, heavy-duty frame construction than sidebar machines, accepts more chambers
  • Overhead plate shifting minimizes cake contamination of shifter components
  • Hydraulic cylinder mount and fixed head connected at four points for a more rigid base frame construction than sidebar machines
  • Single overhead shifter mechanism reduces complexity of design
  • No side rail interference allows full accessibility to the filter plates
  • Advantages of Tension Close Overhead Filter Presses

  • Four hydraulic closing cylinders, positioned at the corners, give even distribution of closing load over sealing surfaces
  • Each filter press offers only static loading to foundations (no dynamic load as with compression close machines) thereby making building design or steelwork simpler and less expensive
  • Because the closing load is balanced between the four hydraulic cylinders these presses can be used with maximum number of chambers
  • Siemens is one of a limited number of experienced manufacturers for this style of filter press
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