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Evoqua J-Vap System

The J-Vap® dewatering/drying system is an advanced filter press system coupling a specially designed diaphragm filter press and unique vacuum/evaporation technology. The J-Vap® system can cost- effectively achieve up to 99% solids in one step. With the J-Vap® system, you can operate to the desired filter cake dryness for your specific process, achieving consistent moisture reduction levels, easily accommodating process changes.

Despite the complexity of the vacuum/ evaporation process, the J-Vap® system is an easy system to operate and maintain, requiring minimal manpower or auxiliary equipment. The system can be engineered to utilize waste heat from other areas of the plant, and can contribute to an energy re-use program. This low energy, low emissions process is also suitable for green installations, where sustainable design, co-generation and a minimal carbon footprint are priorities.

Evoqua has worldwide research and development experience in process technologies. We have the largest range of offerings and installations of one-step dewatering and drying with years of experience in the technology.

ISO 9001:2000 QMS
The quality management system governing the manufacture of the J-Vap® system is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

J-Vap® System Technology Offers:
  • Lower temperatures for safer operation
  • Selectable moisture reduction
  • Reduced handling and disposal costs

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Features of The WASTESAVER

  • Low temperature drying ensures safe operation
  • One step process — eliminates multiple equipment and reduces material handling
  • Select desired moisture reduction with repeatable results — up to 99% solids for some products
  • Ideal for the batch chemical process industries
  • Low temperature drying avoids solids degradation that may occur with high temperature processes
  • Reduce disposal costs of waste streams through significant weight and volume reduction
  • In municipal waste streams, provides pathogen reduction, required for class A sludge production
  • Totally enclosed for lower emissions, improved air quality
  • Lower energy use than thermal drying and low emissions create a smaller carbon footprint
  • Site-specific engineering considers your energy use or re-use in installation
  • G4 Plate Pack

    The J-Vap® system's mixed pack configuration offers the best of both worlds: thermoplastic diaphragm filter plates providing maximum mechanical moisture removal from the filter cake and the revolutionary G4 heating plate with its high efficiency heat transfer capabilities. The J-Vap® system G4 heating plate combines the durability and light weight of polypropylene with the thermal efficiency of stainless steel. The patent-pending heating plate technology maximizes the heat transfer surface while still retaining the ability to drain moisture away from the filter cake. The unique composite plate construction offers a coefficient of heat transfer that is over 175 times higher than a plate made of 100% thermoplastics.

  • High heat transfer
  • Lighter weight vs. solid metal heating plates
  • Diaphragm squeeze with either ambient water, air or atmospheric pressure
  • Re-buildable G4 heating plates
  • Long plate life
  • Manufacturer



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