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Item # PEBM60, PEBM60 Polyethylene Briner

Every component of your polyethylene BrineMaker has been designed to provide you with long term, maintenance free performance. And with more than 1,000 units installed, you can be confident that your briner will exceed your expectations. Our customer list reads like a “Who’s Who” of business and industry including auto manufacturers, system OEM’s, food processors, municipalities, refineries, hotels, hospitals, commercial laundries, textile dyeing houses, and chemical plants.

Unit of Measure: Imperial



60 Ton


12’ x 15.2’

Features of The WASTESAVER

(1) Salt Fill Line- 4” 304SS Fully Radiused Inlet with Camlok, Cap, ¾” Water Inlet Coupling, Support Frame
(2) Brine Outlet- 2” MPT with Collection Plenum for Even Collection of Brine
(3) Top Manway- 18” or 24” Bolted
(4) Drain- 1.5” MPT with Diptube, Screen and PVC Valve
(5) Dust Collection- 8” Vent with Dust Bag, Elbows, and Support Frame
(6) Water Inlet- 1” FPT with Internal Spiral Distribution Head

Optional Features

(A) Salt Level Indication- 3” FPT with SmartBob II Salt Level Indication System with LED readout and 4-20ma output
(B) Side Manway- 24” 304SS Flanged Access with EPDM gasket and 304SS hardware
(C) Temperature Maintenance- Heating Pads with Control Panel and Insulation to Prevent Freezing
(D) Brine Level Control System- 3” FPT with Level Sensor and Valve (readout with 4-20ma output available)
(E) Ladders- FRP Ladders with either an Operator Safety Deck, Boarding Rails or Safety Cage (aluminum also)
(F) Gravel Bed- Quartz or Gravel as specified by salt supplier
(G) Seismic Restraint- Galvanized CS & SS Components – IBC 2006 – Stamped Calculations also available
(H) Food Grade Tank- HDLPE Tank or HDLPE Liner


·  PE-Briner-1

·  PE-Briner-2

·  PE-Briner-3

·  PE-Briner-4

·  PE-Briner-5

·  PE-Briner-6

·  PE-Briner-7


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